Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Black Friday

I went out for black Friday and this time my sister and daugther joined me and my mom. Our first stop was Wal-mart. It was a mad house and we got there at midnight and didn't leave until 4:30 am. I did get three of the cartridges that was on sale for the cricut. got an electric blanket for $19 bucks and some sweaters for $7 bucks. After leaving there it was off to Target. Most of the stuff  I wanted was gone , but my sister was able to get the keyboard for her daughter that was on sale for $59. Then it was off to Joann's where I got the cricut cake mini for my sister as a Christmas gift. She is a bakery and it was on sale for $99 and at the price why not. We didn't get home until 8am. It was one crazy night.

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  1. Hi Thanks for thinking of me, I sent a crafty friend some money for one, I hope it makes it safe in the mail, if it doesn't I will let you know!! Thanks so much, I just became a follower, cute blog:)